About Us



1. – The introduction of something new

2. – A new idea, method, or device

The idea of innovation is one that every business desires to deliver to its customers.  No matter what industry you do business in, your customers look for your services to be innovative and cutting edge. At PSOL we have taken the definition of innovation and implemented it as the building block of how we do business.



PSOL Mission Statement:

At PSOL our focus is on our clients.  With innovation at the forefront of our focus, and our customer’s best interest at the center of our attention, we are poised and ready to serve you in the capacity that you need while providing you with every solution needed to be your one-stop technology provider.

All About PSOL

In case you are wondering, we say it sounds like 


  • 2002

    BIRTH OF PSOL | After many childhood years of computer tinkering & serving his country in the Air Force as a 3C0X1 operator (computer systems), Justin Busa returns home & starts Paradise Solutions (PSOL for short)

  • 2006

    STRETCHING OUT | After 4 years of local business, PSOL expands its grip to customers all over the great state of WI & into neighboring states throughout the mighty Midwest.

  • 2008

    MANAGED SERVICES | PSOL starts to offer Managed Services providing Automatic Monitoring, Updates, Alerts, & Event Logs for a proactive approach to IT services.

  • 2009

    COMPLETE I.T. | PSOL starts to offer a HelpDdesk service. Completing our I.T. Solutions; Consulting/Engineering, On-site Service, HelpDesk Service, Managed Services, & Maintenance Services.

  • 2011

    PSOL SECURITY | PSOL continues to push forward & we build on our I.T. background & begin offering complete IP Security Services; Video Security, Access Control, 24×7 monitoring, Fire Alarm Inspections, & more.

  • 2013

    AUTOMATIC AUTOMATION | PSOL starts offering full automation services for commercial & residential customers. From automatic lights & blinds to controlling your hot tub on your smartphone, the options are endless!