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Cyber Kill Chain V: Installation


Repeat after me: Installation after Exploitation Time-traveling back to our previous blog post, we explored a stage deep into the attack lifecycle called Exploitation. Following the delivery of malicious code, successful exploitation opens up an opportunity. Namely, a foot in the door to your network for the unauthorized installation of [...]

Cyber Kill Chain V: Installation2018-05-01T17:26:31-06:00
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Cyber Kill Chain IV: Exploitation


The exploitation phase offers a threat actor his or her first opportunity to celebrate a victory. One of considerable size well into the active stages of a cyber attack. This celebration also represents an organization’s failure on two fronts: Failure to prevent a weaponized object from entering the environment [...]

Cyber Kill Chain IV: Exploitation2018-01-03T17:12:16-06:00
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Cyber Kill Chain III: Delivery


Special Delivery! Following our first and second posts, actions in the delivery phase move from the shadows into the light. The step where knowledgeable organizations first realize the intended weapons posed by threat actors. Harry and Marv from Home Alone are no longer conducting reconnaissance by driving around city [...]

Cyber Kill Chain III: Delivery2017-11-24T14:17:06-06:00
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Cyber Kill Chain II: Weaponization


In our previous post, we discussed the first stage of almost all Cyber Attacks: Reconnaissance. Gathering information related to an intended victim is the initial action taken during a campaign against a target. It also sets the tone for the following phases of attack. Next up: Weaponization. I recall [...]

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Cyber Kill Chain 1: Reconnaissance


Our previous series dug just below the surface of a hot topic you've heard about, even if you were living under a rock for the past four years… Unless attackers encrypted your smart TV, too. Perhaps you're a victim of Cyber Reconnaissance? This new series covers a framework that [...]

Cyber Kill Chain 1: Reconnaissance2017-08-25T14:14:02-06:00