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Cyber Kill Chain IV: Exploitation


The exploitation phase offers a threat actor his or her first opportunity to celebrate a victory. One of considerable size well into the active stages of a cyber attack. This celebration also represents an organization’s failure on two fronts: Failure to prevent a weaponized object from entering the environment [...]

Cyber Kill Chain IV: Exploitation2018-01-03T17:12:16-06:00
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What do “That 70’s Show”, Tesla Motors, and Facebook have in common?


ROBOTICS! Confused? Let us help... Tesla chief Elon Musk, Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, and actor and venture capitalist Ashton Kutcher have invested $40 million into Vicarious, a robotics company that's studying the human brain's neocortex and attempting to translate its function to computer code, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday. [...]

What do “That 70’s Show”, Tesla Motors, and Facebook have in common?2017-11-24T15:34:13-06:00
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