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Cyber Kill Chain III: Delivery


Special Delivery! Following our first and second posts, actions in the delivery phase move from the shadows into the light. The step where knowledgeable organizations first realize the intended weapons posed by threat actors. Harry and Marv from Home Alone are no longer conducting reconnaissance by driving around city [...]

Cyber Kill Chain III: Delivery2017-11-24T14:17:06-06:00
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Ransomware 301: Know your Network Boundaries


Remember the speed-dating craze?  Do you recall how it was not only ideal for encouraging fast connections, but also rapid-fire information exchange? Or how it was terrible for preventing viruses and sickness from spreading to everyone? Well, guess what? Your flat network, without any boundaries, behaves in the exact [...]

Ransomware 301: Know your Network Boundaries2017-11-24T14:34:03-06:00
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Ransomware 101. Know what Bait looks like


 The previous topic in this series discussed an important and often overlooked technique of preventing cyber criminals from successfully soliciting money from you or your business via ransomware - Creating and testing backups of critical data and systems. Knowing how to react and more importantly, being prepared for a [...]

Ransomware 101. Know what Bait looks like2017-11-24T14:45:51-06:00
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Ransomware 201. More than just backups.


This series addresses the threat of ransomware that previously focused on large networks exclusively. That was 2016. It is now 2017. Small businesses and manufacturing outfits are currently in focus. Attackers are becoming more aware that the majority of small businesses and manufacturers lack the resources to set up an effective [...]

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