How We Can Help

Help Desk

Help Desk provides you with a centralized solution to a majority of IT issues, whether it is a slow computer, printing problems, e-mail setup, password resets, or any other general IT problem.  Help Desk is there for any company, large or small, that needs technical support; we provide an essential service that will ensure your network, technology, and staff is working efficiently.  Our IT professionals are here to diagnose and troubleshoot your IT problems and keep your technology in top shape.


Help Desk tasks we provide include, but are not limited to:

Troubleshooting slow computers and printers

Microsoft Server and Exchange Support

Software installs and support

Network connectivity issues

Anti-Virus installs/updates

Virus/Malware removal

Resetting passwords

Wireless networking

Setting up e-mail

Troubleshoot Computers

Troubleshoot Slow Computers and Printers

Businesses operate at a pace that is faster now than ever, and it is only going to increase.

If your computer is ‘acting up’, is generally slow, or just simply won’t work, simply contact Help Desk and get it resolved swiftly.

With HelpDesk you no longer need to wait for your IT department to someday have time to fix your printer, simply send a request to Help Desk.

Remote IT Department

If you don’t have an internal IT staff, our Help Desk can fill that requirement by giving you the technical support and assistance required to keep your company and technology running smoothly. 

If you have an internal IT staff, you can utilize our Help Desk for minor issues that bog down your internal staff.  

Our Help Desk will free up essential time and allow your internal staff to focus on the big issues and projects. 

Help Desk Employee

Vance Gwidt, Help Desk Employee