preventive maintenance

Our Approach to Managed IT

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Do you find yourself postponing repairs, regular maintenance and upgrades for your computers or network?

PSOL Preventive Maintenance is just one small part of our managed IT services, offering excellent maintenance services for a very small cost that can pay big dividends by saving you money.


A Few of our Preventive Strategies:

• 24×7 Monitoring w/ Alerts
• On-Site & Off-Site Backup Monitoring
• Anti-Virus Updating & Monitoring
• Email SPAM & Virus Protection
• Virus & Event Log Checks
• Physically clean equipment
• Monthly Report

Automated Alerts

24x7x365 Monitoring w/ Automated Alerts

PMM is our proactive monitoring solution that monitor your servers & workstations 24x7x365 to provide us vital information on the state of your most valuable assets: your equipment and information. 

PMM is scalable from a simple monitoring solution for basic protection up to a comprehensive monitoring solution including: anti-virus & offsite, secure, remote backup to make it a comprehensive proactive solution, whatever works for you.

Monthly Reports

PMM extends the life of your assets by keeping you informed about the functions of your equipment: monthly reports allow you to see when equipment starts to slow down or falter before a major catastrophe or an expensive repair is mandatory.

Keep your on-site IT engineer time to a bare minimum, and maximize your technological capabilities without hiring an IT staff and impacting your cash flow.

Preventative Maintenance Monthly

Vance Gwidt, HelpDesk Employee