mobile device management

Protect Your Data!

Mobile Device Management

Losing a phone is bad enough, but what about the data on the phone? Don’t let data leaks damage your business. Stay in control of your data by utilizing Mobile Device Management (MDM).


Mobile Device Management:

• Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
• Rapid Deployment & Scalability
• Selective Wipe
• Email Notification Alerts
• Deploy Apps & Software
• Deploy Security Policies & Restrictions
• Asset Management
• Multi-Platform Support
• Apple, Android, Windows

Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Device

It is estimated that 113 cell phones are lost or stolen every minute in the US. Mobile Device Management allows you to control your company data on cell phones and tablets the same way you control company data on computers. So if a company phone is lost/stolen you can remotely wipe it, protecting your data!

A BYOD policy can save your company thousands of dollars and make your employee’s happy. Don’t let data security hold you back: with PSOL MDM you can allow employees to use their own devices for work and still protect your company data. Win-Win!

Selective Wipe

On average smart phones are lost, stolen, or change hands (within the company) every 16 months!  This means your IT department needs to ensure your company’s valuable data is permanently cleaned off the employee’s device.

Deleting these valuable resources from the device, and removing access to your resources without completely resetting the device is what we call a selective wipe.

Selective wipes are often done remotely and are the cornerstone of Mobile Device Management: securing your data, wherever it goes.


Selective Wipe

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Start Controlling Your Data!