What is Virtualization?


Virtualization is one of those technologies that has come along and changed everything. It increases productivity, scalability, control, efficiency, flexibility and security all while decreasing hardware costs, operating costs, & space requirements. Start learning today how you can use virtualization to fully utilize your resources, like 100% of the Fortune 500 companies and over 500,000 others.


What is Virtualization you ask?

Simplified IT

Managing multiple servers, operating systems, desktops, new handheld devices and applications is a challenging task. Simplify management of all your licenses, system maintenance schedules, patches, and upgrades through built-in monitoring and centralized control.

  • Centralize your physical and virtual IT management, so you can manage your environment from anywhere with intuitive web-based tools
  • Simplify desktop and application management while increasing security and control
  • Automate systems management tasks such as security, patch updates, asset and configuration management

Control with Flexibility

Keeping IT systems up and running is a priority for any company. Virtualization protects your business with built-in high availability and automated disaster recovery across remote sites while giving continuous services to end-users.

  • Maintain high availability of servers, storage and applications
  • Protect applications and data by enabling access in a secure way, regardless of the device
  • Scale your IT environment without growing your hardware footprint

Cost Efficiency

Your IT budget has not increased to keep up with the pace of the growing demands of your business. Virtualization can help you make your existing IT investments work harder so you spend fewer resources on administration and more on addressing changing business demands.

  • Reduce your hardware costs through server consolidations
  • Lower your IT operating costs through enhanced management, automation and service delivery
  • Reduce TCO of your email and collaboration platform

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The basics of Virtualization

Vance Gwidt, HelpDesk Employee

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