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Access Control

The idea of Access Control has been around for ages: a key to a door, a combination to a safe, or saying “Open Simsim” to find some secret treasure. Access control is simply controlling or limiting entrance to a given space. Access Control in the 21st century takes it to a whole new level, giving you more control, more convenience, and more feedback than ever before. Take control of your environment with modern access control.

Highly Scalable

Offsite-Monitoring & Remote Alerts

Our remote-monitoring software provides the ability to remotely control inputs, outputs, and card readers via the Internet without performing a download or affecting the downloaded data.

If you don’t feel like spending your well-earned time off staring at a computer screen monitoring your facility, our logic based software can send you remote alerts when you feel they are necessary. For instance, if you want certain cardholders to have afterhours access to your facility while you maintain control, we can program the software to send you an e-mail or text alert whenever you feel it is necessary.

We are also able to send alarm notifications by way of e-mail groups, which can be a single or group of recipients. Within each email group, timezones are available to determine when each group member will receive the alarm notification.

Photo-ID & Badge Printing

Use our software’s built-in photo badge generator to create unique photo IDs for each of your cardholders.  We also have the ability to print photo badges directly onto certain access control cards.  The badge builder allows you to issue access codes and at the same time generate an ID card (or badge) for either permanent or temporary use.

You also have the ability to create different templates for each different department, tenant, contractor, and automatically assign them.

You can also include generation of barcodes and/or magnetic strips on the cards.

Remote Alerts

Highly Scalable

Time & Attendance

Facilitate time and attendance using our access control hardware to gather the clock-in and clock-out times of the users at designated readers.  Reports show IN and OUT times for each day, total IN time for each day and a total IN time for a period specified by you.  Group reports by last name, location or location group. You can include all cardholders in the report or you can choose cardholders individually.

Real-Time display modules can be added to the system to view who is in without opening the access control software.  Run a “who’s-in” report to view who is in a designated facility at that point in time, with photo-IDs added to the report (automatically generate this report in emergencies).

Visitor Management

Our system allows to restrict the access levels that can be assigned to visitor cardholders.Automatically generate an online log book, allowing you to point and click to see who is being visited, and by whom.

Our system also allows you to designate a card-reader as an automatic deactivator, allowing your visitors the ability to automatically check-out upon exit.

Reports generated allow you the ability to print any or all visitor activity based upon your designated parameters.

Remote Alerts

Highly Scalable

Endless Device & Access Options

Use manager first rule to keep other employees cards from gaining access to the building when the manager is not on site.  Use two man rule to require that two different cardholders use their cards before gaining access to a door.

Our controllers are compatible with ANY identification device that transmits data using Wiegand, clock/data, or RS-232 ASCII at 1200-baud, 8N1.

This means you can use proximity, barium ferrite, bar code, magnetic stripe, Wiegand, keypads, and biometric readers as well as various other devices.

Animated Maps of your Facility

Our access control software integrates with over 20 different DVR & NVR systems. This integration allows stored and live video from the DVR/NVR to be accessed within our software. You can even control Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras from our software.

Custom icons for representation of inputs, outputs, and cameras.Use custom animations to view in realtime when alerts/troubles occur.

Automatically show photo IDs associated with access alerts.

Don’t have effective maps to animate? Request a quote from us, we custom design maps for you in-house.

Remote Alerts

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We Also Work with Existing Systems

Our technicians and consultants have years of previous field experience. Therefore we have a vast amount of knowledge in working with other access control systems, including various control panels, sensors, even zoning/wiring techniques.

All of our access control solutions are based around an open-protocol architecture, allowing nearly endless configurations with both existing systems and new.

PSOL helps you make the most of your existing access control investment and aids in securing you and your company’s future.


Highly Scalable Systems

We plan for the future so you don’t have to. Our access control solutions are built to last: from 1-door to 1000+, we use the same hardware. This means you don’t have to buy a giant control panel today to prepare for the facility growth in the future.

Our access control software handles up to 32,000 locations with up to 128 reader-controlled doors per location, 1.6 Billion cardholders, 32,000 alarm inputs, 32,000 timezones, and 32,000 different access levels. Oh, and one site license is good for up to 1,000 workstations without the need for any software add-ons.

In addition, the software behind our access control solutions allows you to grow geographically as well.

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