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  WalkAbout is an advanced, invisible, hands-free, Wander-Management and Access Control solution.
Designed with a focus on assisted living, long-term-care, and memory care facilities, WalkAbout is the solution for preventing wandering and/or elopement of at-risk residents.

Custom Mobile Alerts

Custom Alerts

Automatically send an text when a resident is “going for a walk”.  Notify all staff via e-mail when a code search for a resident is activated.  With WalkAbout custom alerting, the possibilities are endless.



Because you shouldn’t need to memorize the name and face of every single resident, WalkAbout sends out the Photo, Name, Identifying Characteristics, and Most Recent Location of whomever decides to go “on the lam”.

False Alarms

Alarms are only effective when they are “real”.  Effective system design, calibration, and masking makes our RFID solutions as reliable as possible.  Eliminate your Wander Management false alarms using WalkAbout.

Why WalkAbout Wander Management?

Patient/Resident elopement is not something to take lightly.  For example, elopement-related incidents in assisted living facilities commonly result in serious injury or even death.  Legal claims resulting from these incidents are commonly the most costly claims made against assisted living facilities throughout the US.  Prevention of wandering and elopement are the greatest way to protect both the resident and the facility involved.  WalkAbout wander-management eliminates the need to close off all doors in a facility, allowing easy traffic flow.  WalkAbout also significantly benefits the response time: text/email alerts instantly show you whom is missing, allowing you to take action to prevent incidents from occurring in the first place.



Wandering is reported to occur in up to 100% of ambulatory residents with dementia in nursing homes.


Two thirds of the nation’s 1.8 million long-term care residents have significant cognitive impairment, likely due to Alzheimer’s Disease.


More than 90% of long-term care facilities with Dementia/Alzheimer’s residents report using electronic devices as part of their safety and security programs.


Seventy percent of elopement-related lawsuits involved the death of a resident.

Escalating Alerts

Automated Code Search Protocol

Because of the fast response time created by the WalkAbout system, we have created a customize-able multi-level automated alert system.  When a resident wanders from a safe area triggering a WalkAbout alarm, staff working in that area are notified first via text/email of the wandering resident.  Commonly this resident is found very quickly (under 60 seconds), and there is no need to implement a code search.

However, should the resident remain missing (usually 3-5 min.) and alarm unresolved, another alert is automatically sent out to all facility personnel and first responders, notifying everyone of the missing resident.

Fully Customize-able Alerting

When a resident goes missing, information availability and response time are extremely critical.

WalkAbout custom alerts provide you with the information needed to make informed decisions, FAST.  When a resident wanders, their photo, name, location, identifying characteristics, and any other desired information are sent to you, instantly.

With this information at hand, staff will no longer unknowingly walk straight past a wandering resident.

Mobile and Email Alerts

Wander Management Analytics

1-Year of Free Analytics & Reporting

Use the power of data to your advantage. Use WalkAbout analytics to recognize trends of high-risk individuals who constantly wander, the effects of protocols on high-traffic areas. Our WalkAbout engineers will work with you to identify and prevent incidents before they occur.

To ensure the greatest possible protection of your residents, you are given FREE access to analytics & trending for one year (from final install date).

Wander Management Integrated w/ Access Control

WalkAbout is close in nature to Access Control.  Residents and staff are easily added/changed, email groups created, and reports generated.

Alarms can easily be generated only when a door is open, during certain times of day, or whatever unique circumstance you desire.

Even more important is the ability to link multiple events together creating endless information.  For instance, if a WalkAbout wander management alarm is triggered, and a door is opened down the hall shortly after, an update could be sent detailing the wandering resident’s possible direction of travel.


Link events

RFID Tag Life

RFID tag-life up to 5-years

Yes, you read that right, WalkAbout tags run non-stop up to five years Without A Single Recharge!

Common wander management tags last only 50 days before needing a recharge.

That means our tags last roughly 35 times longer! That’s a lot of time saved charging tags: imagine having 1,000+ residents and only able to fit 7 or 8 tags per charger…  Oofta.

Custom Antenna Solutions (No False Alarms)

Concrete, wood, steel, fiberglass: the stuff buildings are made of, and RFID reacts different to each.

Our experienced consultants and technicians work closely together to determine the best antenna for each specific application.

By using an open-approach to each WalkAbout reader and masking the RFID signal when necessary we are confidently able to eliminate all false alarms.

Custom Antennas

Staff Accountability

Staff Accountability

Typical wander management systems are very simple, with many nuisance alarms, and can silenced by anybody that knows the code for the keypad (most anybody in the facility).  This leads to a major flaw in staff accountability: alarms can be silenced and walked away from, without a sense of responsibility to find the wandering resident.

When a WalkAbout alarm is triggered, the local alarm can only be silenced by a staff member using their provided fob, creating a permanent entry in our system.


Man-Down Functionality

Whether it be at-risk residents, staff in a hostile/remote environment, or a need for a silent alarm, our man-down functionality can be customized to suit a variety of needs.

Man-down tags can also be used simultaneously for wander-management with the WalkAbout system, eliminating the need for separate man-down and wander-management systems.


Man Down Function
Highly Scalable

Highly Scalable

We plan for the future so you don’t have to. The WalkAbout system is built to last: from 1 reader to 1000+, we use the same hardware. This means you don’t have to buy a giant control panel today to prepare for the facility growth in the future.

Our WalkAbout software handles up to 32,000 locations with up to 64 readers per location, 1.6 Billion residents/staff, 32,000 alarm inputs, 32,000 timezones, and 32,000 different access levels. Oh, and one site license is good for up to 1,000 workstations without the need for any software add-ons.

In addition, the software behind WalkAbout allows you to grow geographically as well.


Coming Soon! 

The WalkAbout Mobile/PC App

WalkAbout Mobile & PC App

WalkAbout Wander Management

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